Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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Aleksandar Macasev
is an amazing designer. Among his many projects was/is Goebbels.info.

I've added one of his blogs--the one that seems to be his principle blog--to my Shapetain TypeList (right sidebar of this page, towards the bottom).

Understand that Macasev (I'm missing a couple of diacritics in that surname, which is Serbian, I think) is more than his Goebbels.info project. But, here are some quotes from Joseph Goebbels that are on the Goebbels.info site. They're worth visiting because they are observations closely considered by authoritarian and nationalistic regimes and movements.


Designer Aleks Maćašev talks about his provocative Joseph Goebells piece.

More like space

found this site on an exhibit by serbian artist aleksandar macasev. the premise is that nazi propaganda minister josef goebbels "is the ideological father of contemporary mass communication". look at goebbels' theories regarding the role and function of propaganda. turn on your television and watch the news. contemplate. repeat as necessary. while you're at it, buy a copy of manufacturing consent, which illustrates very effectively the role of media as a propaganda system, even in the "free" world.

Serbia's Art Movement since WWII

The guest speaker’s name was Aleksander Macašev. He is a popular Serbian graphic designer and contemporary artist. He told us the history of art in the region starting after WWII. It was really interesting. He was obviously very outspoken. Some people in the class thought that he was offensive, but I thought that he was really great. He also showed us some of his art, which if you are interested you can find on http://www.macasev.com. One of the projects that he did that I found particularly interesting was his Joseph Goebbles poster project. You can see it at
http://www.goebbels.info/ It was a statement about the media and how anything can be bought or sold. I think that there were definite flaws in some of his arguments, but for the most part he was really inspirational and a really enthusiastic, fun speaker.

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