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Joseph Goebbels™, Rhizome members exhibition

Joseph Goebbels™ ( as a part of Rhizome members exhibition by Jared Bertkowitz.
Jared Berkowitz explores self identity within modernity!

"Debuting at the Belgrade Summer Festival (BELEF) in 2005, artist Aleksandar Maćašev displayed Joseph Goebbels, a piece in which the Nazi leader’s face was reconstructed using popular companies’ logos. With the slogan “There is no truth”, the piece was distributed through billboards, posters, TV and radio commercials, and various internet campaigns. "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." Joseph Goebbels compares current trends in mass communication with the propaganda practices of Nazi Germany. Though the truth is supposedly represented daily through the internet, television, and newspaper, one must take the intent of those providing the information into consideration. The modern “infosphere” that Maćašev describes is in truth filled with subjectively created information, based upon those in power in order to stay in power. Here we see that the commercialization of popular companies has come to dictate the flow of information available to the public."

Monday, January 18, 2010

"Limited Language" feature

Feature in "Love/Hate" article by Johnny Hardstaff, about the power of political images.
Original article on Limited Language website.

"Unstable Portrait of Joseph Goebbels"

limited language: rewriting design: responding to a feedback culture (Paperback), 2009
Colin Davies, Monika Parrinder
"Limited Language" is a web-platform, co-founded in 2005 by Colin Davies (University of Wolverhampton) and Monika Parrinder (Royal College of Art, London), for generating writing and discussion about the design process. Over the last four years the site has collected a series of essays and commentary dealing with the key issues which effect and shape visual communication today.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Interview in "Concept" magazine

Interview for the Indonesian design magazine "Concept" (propaganda issue) about the state of media culture today and the Joseph Goebbels™ project.

Read the interview in English.
PDF of the interview (2.5 Mb).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Graphic Designology 300+

Four pages feature in "Graphic designology 300+".
“50 Young & Talented - CONTEMPORARY GRAPHIC DESIGNERS around the world”.
Including the Joseph Goebbels TM poster No.2.

Cite Publishing Ltd.
Taipei, Taiwan.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More links


Aleksandar Macasev
is an amazing designer. Among his many projects was/is

I've added one of his blogs--the one that seems to be his principle blog--to my Shapetain TypeList (right sidebar of this page, towards the bottom).

Understand that Macasev (I'm missing a couple of diacritics in that surname, which is Serbian, I think) is more than his project. But, here are some quotes from Joseph Goebbels that are on the site. They're worth visiting because they are observations closely considered by authoritarian and nationalistic regimes and movements.


Designer Aleks Maćašev talks about his provocative Joseph Goebells piece.

More like space

found this site on an exhibit by serbian artist aleksandar macasev. the premise is that nazi propaganda minister josef goebbels "is the ideological father of contemporary mass communication". look at goebbels' theories regarding the role and function of propaganda. turn on your television and watch the news. contemplate. repeat as necessary. while you're at it, buy a copy of manufacturing consent, which illustrates very effectively the role of media as a propaganda system, even in the "free" world.

Serbia's Art Movement since WWII

The guest speaker’s name was Aleksander Macašev. He is a popular Serbian graphic designer and contemporary artist. He told us the history of art in the region starting after WWII. It was really interesting. He was obviously very outspoken. Some people in the class thought that he was offensive, but I thought that he was really great. He also showed us some of his art, which if you are interested you can find on One of the projects that he did that I found particularly interesting was his Joseph Goebbles poster project. You can see it at It was a statement about the media and how anything can be bought or sold. I think that there were definite flaws in some of his arguments, but for the most part he was really inspirational and a really enthusiastic, fun speaker.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pretty Cool People Interview

Joseph Goebbels TM featured in the Aleksandar Macasev's "Pretty Cool People Interview" of the Submarine Channel (Netherlands).

Hi-res version here >

Monday, October 15, 2007

One hundred at 360 Degrees

A Joseph Goebbels TM feature (as a part of AM's artwork) in "One hundred at 360 Degrees: Graphic Design's New Global Generation", book by Michael Dorrian and Liz Farrelly.

Publisher: Laurence King (October 4, 2007) link

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Design week UK

A Joseph Goebbels TM feature in the Design Week (UK) weekly magazine, as a part of the "One Hundred on 360 C" book review.

"For another poster, common logos and pictograms from contemporary media and brands are used to form a chilling portrait of Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda."

read the "Going Global" article

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Spreading Doubt to the Masses - Mark Notermann

Article by Mark Notermann for Speak Up

"The Joseph Goebbels Project™ is an onion: The outside skin protects layer upon layer of meaning. Try to slice it up into something simple and digestible, and it might bring tears to your eyes.

At first glance, one sees the familiar components of many branded advertising campaigns: a logo, an image, and a familiar name—Joseph Goebbels. Most of us have heard of the infamous Nazi propagandist, but we probably don’t know his face. Look into this face on a poster and you see it composed of corporate logos instead of halftones. Closer yet and you see that the logos all belong to media giants and builders of the modern infosphere. ..."

read the complete article

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Anatomy of Design

A feature in the book, "The Anatomy of Design" (uncovering influences and the inspiration of modern graphic design), by Steven Heller and Mirko Ilić.


Goebbels spread
The spread in PDF (1.2 Mb)

Joseph Goebbels ™

excerpt from the essay

Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Germany’s minister of propaganda and enlightenment,
who along with his wife, Magda, and six children committed suicide in Adolf
Hilter’s bunker as Soviet troops besieged Berlin, was the master of word and
image manipulation. Joseph Goebbels™ is an art project in the form of a
commercial advertising campaign that addresses the nature of media and mass
communication at the beginning of the twenty-first century. “Sixty years after
Goebbels,” states author/designer Aleksandar Macasev, “we find ourselves in a
highly developed infosphere—the Internet, twenty-four-hour news, direct
broadcasting, countless nonstop radio, TV, and cable stations, mobile
communications, and so on—that constantly barrages us, its intended
recipients, with messages. ...>

read the entire essay

courtesy of the authors of "The Anatomy of Design"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


A selection of links about Joseph Goebbels TM.

Mark Kaufman blog
I am not sure about the rest of the audience, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mr. Macasev was an engaging speaker, he actually apologized for the fact that english is not his first language, but he had a better vocabulary than me and was more than up to the task tof articulating a controversial and difficult art/design campaign on contemporary culture. ...

Limited Language
“Why are Jamie Reid, Aleksander Macasev and Steven Heller - three very diverse examples of designers and art directors - all deeply attracted to the swastika and/or other fascist imagery? Is their fascination and repeated return to fascist iconography paradoxical, given designs initiatives for social progress, or, given that Hitler himself is said to have ‘personally’ designed the NSDAP swastika logo-form, is their interest very simply an example of professional admiration?” ...

Why broadcasting the caricatures of Mohammad?
(in French)
Bush's administration and the Zionists are using the same tactics utilised by the Nazis. They lie the whole world about terrorist danger and the Islamic threat. I let to you read this passage of an interview done by Aleksandar Macasev in connection with Goebbels and propaganda ...

Smirking chimp
Inspired by ABC's "the road to 911" artist Aleksandar Macasev has adapted his Joseph Goebbels campaign poster [] to portray Joseph Goebbels out of the following logos with the following logos: ABC, Disney, Republican party, FOX, CBN and The Heritage Foundation to symbolize the link between the media and the Republican propaganda machine. ...
(in Russian)
Repeated lie sooner or later becomes truth, used to say the minister of propaganda of Nazi Germany, Jozef Goebbels. Some principles of Goebbels' propaganda will lose nothing, if the word "propaganda" is replaced by the word "advertisement".

Aaron's UI design blog
This strikes me as more than a little creepy, but it's an interesting take on the power of media and disinformation in modern society. ...

B92 forum
(in Serbian)
Da li je upotreba imena ciji kult je automatski upisan u znacenje moze da bude provokacija, podcrtavanje ili je ovako bliska istorijska distanca jos uvek prepreka za koriscenje tih imena, pa i u umetnicke svrhe.....

More Like Space blog
found this site on an exhibit by serbian artist aleksandar macasev. the premise is that nazi propaganda minister josef goebbels "is the ideological father of contemporary mass communication". ...

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Seattle documents

Photos from the lecture in Seattle.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Joseph Goebbels TM in Seattle

"A Square is a Circle" is a lecture on the Joseph Goebbels TM project scheduled for 7 December in Seattle. The lecture is organized by the Seattle branch of AIGA and will be held at the Henry Art Gallery.
ticket details on AIGA Seattle


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Joseph W Goebbels

A new version of the Joseph Goebbels TM poster featuring: ABC, FOX, Disney, USA Today, The Heritage Foundation and CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network). To the glory of Bush's propaganda.

click for the whole image (400 kb)

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Press clippings

Assorted press clippings from Joseph Goebbels TM can be found on the updated press section of

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Joseph Goebbels TM in Print magazine

Jan/Feb issue of PRINT magazine featuring an article about the Belgrade design scene.

page1 page2

excerpts from the article by Stephanie Skirvin
Print magazine Jan/Feb 2006.

Serbia's next wave in design
Belgrade Confidential

"Graphic design crushed our dictatorship!" but now what? Serbia's designers emerge from their nation's dark decade with an urgency to experiment and a hunger for pop culture.

The young designers of Belgrade are eager to make up for lost time: to absorb as much popular culture as they can from the Internet, assorted design annuals, and festivals; to reconcile their recent political freedom with their stll-sealed borders; and to determine how to make their way forward in a recovering but fractured economic and political infrastructure. Most of them seem to agree that despite their trying past and current difficulties, their experiences have given them a unique perspective and resilience. In their estimation, graphic design is of paramount importance, because they have witnessed how it can effect change.
“Turbulent times always seem to be stimulating for graphic communication,” says Aleksandar Maćašev, 34, a designer and a teacher at the BK Academy of Arts. Having the last European dictator was very good for graphic activism.” More emphatically, Slaviša Savić, a 33-year-old art director at the Belgrade ad agency COMMUNIS, asserts:” I am absolutely sure that graphic design crushed our dictatorship!”
“There are opportunities to promote your work in Belgrade, but if there is a possibility to create something abroad, your comeback to Serbia will be widely recognized,” says designer Aleksandra Prhal.
“I do want to travel and observe what is out there,” says Mane Radmanović , 29, “but I feel that my professional future as a designer is here.”
Serbia’s recent past has given young designers a more aggressive esthetic and conceptual manner, says Igor Milovanović, 27, and starting anew yields unforseen advatages.